Saturday, January 13, 2018

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy Spans

I have missed a few of the always great meme Shadow Shot Sunday2 - but am happy to be back to the shadowy artistry! Last week, our son's fractured hip had healed sufficiently with the physical therapy he received up here and Allegra took phone pics while I drove Cameron back to his apartment in the New York City of Borough of Brooklyn. 

There are many stylish bridges crossing the many waterways. The two pics on top are going southbound on the RFK/Triboro Bridge, opened in 1936. Above is the span from the Bronx to Randalls Island, below to Queens over the East River. On the bottom is the new Kosciuszko Bridge, crossing Newton Creek between Brooklyn and Queens, completed last year. Shadows fall nicely from the cables and ironwork on this very cold but bright day.