Saturday, June 24, 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday - Nature Center

It is time for this week's Shadow Shot Sunday 2. This week, I am the Ansonia Nature Center a five minute drive fro home. I was taking pictures for our Valley-Voice newsletter bout their rebuilt parking lot (only I an wax eloquent about a parking lot :) and saw a few shadows that were perfect for today. It is a great place, and few towns with our small size (only 6.2 sq. miles in area with a population of 19,000) have a gem of an attraction. Happy weekend all!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Hunt, 2017.1.25

The week seems to move with alacrity and so it is Friday and time for Teresa's fun foto meme Friday Hunt. And away we go!

Starts with 'Y'. Like last week's letter, 'Y' has few words beginning with it, and I found one. But if we can bend the rules, New York City contains 'Y', so I'll start there. The year is 1957, the day Easter and here is Grandma Agnes and Aunt Terry in Manhattan for the Easter Parade. To the left is the skating rink at Rockefeller Center and to the right is Terry by the Channel 11 truck. I like the flying saucer hat on her and pencil skirt - she was a stylish 15 at the time...

This of course is a rare double yolk
Week's Favorite. The medical professionals at the Yale-New Haven Transplantation center gave her the okay to start driving again (around town, no highways). So she posed behind the wheel in her Chevy Sonic. The smile is genuine :)
Splash. Our then eight year old son offers us a splash in a hotel pool on vacation in 1999. This pool would be a treat in today's heat and humidity!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday - Sleeping in Shadow

The midday sun filters through the window and falls over friendly, furry family feline Linus McDonald who will not deviate from his mission of napping away. For Shadow Shot Sunday 2, our shadowy sleepyhead seems an appropriate choice. Dream on furry friend...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Hunt, 2017.1.24

Friday returns as does a favorite meme, Friday Hunt, hosted by Teresa. To this week's set of clues, here are my choices:

Starts with 'X'. Number 24 in our alphabet is difficult as there aren't many words that start with it. So my choices include the letter. Such as Christmas is sometimes called Xmas. So, Xmas 1963 in East Hartford CT will do!
Here is a true Starts with 'X', but neither verb nor noun. It is local rockers XYZ Revisited from neighbor Seymour performing at a street festival last year. 
Of course, there is Expressway...

Week’s Favorite. Patti and I got out to a production last Saturday, a fun live show at the classic Strand Theater in Seymour. As the always lovey Patti is doing quite well, she gets out more. And writes a review of the offbeat It's All in the Timing for today's newsletter
Insect. Well, I have no pics that I can find. So, instead, how about Bug? If so, local artist Love Bug Tie Dyes will do. At least I think so :)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday - Waiting room

It is time again for our favorite shadowy meme Shadow Shot Sunday 2

We are at one of many buildings at the huge Yale-New Haven Hospital for Patti's visits to her transplantation team. Happily, the twice weekly visits have been reduced to one a week on Thursdays. So the other day, we are in the fourth floor waiting area on one of the rare (this Spring) days with a sunny sky. Naturally, sun often means shadows and I noticed these - and captured with my phone. I like the linear grid of all those lines.

Good news and shadows - a heavenly match!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Hunt, 2017.1.22

The sun is out this Friday in Ansonia (finally) and is a fine metaphor for a favorite meme, Friday Hunt, hosted by Teresa. My version of her clues are as follows...

Starts with 'W'. Naturally, watercolors begin with this week's favorite letter
Another is West Hartford, CT along I-84
Finally, there is Window, this one at the 1889 Sterling Opera house in Derby CT
Week's Favorite. We were at Yale-New Haven Hospital for Patti's weekly visit with her transplantation team. This is a look out the window while we were in the waiting room. The doctors, APRN's and social workers on the team are fantastic, so the simple view of a great hospital is my favorite.
Pastel. I go with Pink, here on the sign at Tickled Pink in Seymour, CT. Thanks again for hosting this meme Teresa!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday - Side Order

For Shadow Shot Sunday 2, I went this morning to the grand opening of a new eatery on Main Street in Ansonia - Thigh High Chicken. An interesting concept, all chicken made with thigh meat. My sandwich was their Buffalo - menu says 'breaded thigh, blue cheese, celery remoulade, pickled carrot'. It was great, the dark meat adding lots of character. I will be back :)

My side order of shadow is a wheelchair height look at the eatery from the sidewalk on the shady side of Main Street. A fine day for snacks and shadows!