Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Weekend Roundup 'K'

It is Saturday and time again for Tom's fun meme, The Weekend Roundup. The letter 'K' is featured this week and now I'm reminiscing...

'K' is for Kids and on he left is the first day of school 1995. Our son Cameron was in Kindergarten and his sister Allegra was the (sort of :) older and wiser going into second grade. This is a sentimental the right is nine years later and the sentimental parents asked if they could reprise the pic as it was the first day of high school, she (again) the more experienced one going into eleventh grade. Little or big, Kids bring cute memories...

Another (but not unexpected) 'K' is Kitty, and here is our fluffy and furry family feline, Linus McDonald, in the usual places and a box and fast asleep. Nothing new here!
The favorite this week is the cool view captured The always lovely Patti at Witek Park in Derby CT. It is a great illusory pic that includes the side view mirror looking up. Does the water reflect the sky...or is it the other way around?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 - Soaring Shadows

It is time again for a long-time favorite meme hosted by MMT, Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Today, I am going back to the Summer of 1984 sans wheelchair in those days. A salesman I worked with had recently received his pilot's license and knew I had an interest - and invited me to tag along in his Piper Cherokee Six. In this view, we are flying over Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford on a Sunday morning - the closest building was where I worked M-F. At an altitude of 1500 ft (366 M), plenty of shadows emanate from the structures, trees and parked cars. I cannot climb into an airplane these days, so I am happy to see my workplace then from aloft and not from ground level...

The Weekend Roundup 'J'

The weekend is here so it is time for Tom's fun meme, The Weekend Roundup. The subject letter this week took some research -  and now I am ready!

Given my heritage, there is New Jersey. more specifically, Atlantic City. This is me in 1964, and this bar reminds me of the famous SS Minnow (and I am old enough to remember that reference :) This was long before the glitzy casinos and hotels of today.
Another New Jersey 'J' is in 1969, also on the famous Boardwalk were you could rent a bicycle in the mornings. It was always a Joy to ride a bike in the briny Atlantic air!
Jewelry is on display at a local consignment shop, The Country Cottage in Seymour CT.
The final 'J' is Jaguar (car). I saw this at a local car show, the sign said 1948. I believe this is referred to as a 'drophead', what Americans call a convertible. Not only do we say it differently, I believe we drive on the wrong side of the road too :) That is me looking at this beauty...
This week's Favorite is a cardinal showing up the morning after a snowfall. Patti captured this fellow and his red plumage stands out so nicely against the Winter backdrop.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 - Demolition

It has been a while, but am back to SSS2 at this new address (thanks MMT :).

On Wednesday, the always lovely Patti attended the demolition of Peck School in Ansonia. It has not been used as a school since 2000 and really cannot be rehabbed for any use as a building. So it was coming down this week.

It was sunny and warm for Feb. 28 (not Sonoran Desert warmth, about 52ºF / 10ºC), so southerly sun shadows were in order. The old school throws a lot of shadows (top, middle) and the city officials (mayor, aldermanic and economic development) are casting shadows as they safely watch the proceedings across the street. 

My favorite though is the photographer's shadow. No socks - it really was a warm day!

We published an article in yesterday's Valley-Voice newsletter - see it Here!

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Weekend Roundup 'I'

It's been a rainy and windy nor'easter today in New England. But it is Friday, so time again for Tom's fun meme The Weekend Roundup (hope you are enjoying the Aloha State :) This week's letter took a bit of searching in the archives but examples were found...

There is Industrial. This is the defunct Ansonia Copper and Brass, closed in 2013. However, our small city owns this complex now, will be demolished, the land remediated and be open for development within the next couple of years...see the slideshow below the photos to see the beginning of an Industrial revival..

This slideshow I created showcases this old Industrial factory in its faded glory...
Another 'I' is Itasca State Park in Minnesota. Lake Itasca is the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River that travels over 2,300 miles (3,700 km) to the Gulf of Mexico. You can wade across the river as I did in 1983 - I was walking then and I did! These pics are from 1983.
Inside. I looked around and around - and chose when I was Inside my van. Patti took it from the passenger seat along upper State Street in New Haven. 

Here are beautiful stained glass windows Inside St. Margaret Mary Church in South Windsor CT. Aloha Tom!

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Weekend Roundup 'H'

It's a rainy Friday in Ansonia, so a perfect day to search the photo archives for Tom's fun meme, The Weekend Roundup. 'H' is the letter for the week, and I am ready!

The first this week is Horse, and this horse's name is Huckleberry. What a majestic look!
Next is a fire truck from our closest firehouse in Ansonia, Hilltop Hose. The volunteer companies in Ansonia are very responsive...
Then there is Hair Salon. This is Invent Hair in our neighbor to the north, Seymour CT.
Our state capitol is Hartford CT. The view is from I-91 North. The onion dome is from the 1865 Colt Armory building undergoing renovation. Patti captured this from the passenger seat - gotta stay safe!
House. This is the family homestead, December 1975 in East Hartford, CT. Six of the seven Villers kids are here on a snowy day.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Weekend Roundup 'G'

Ah, the weekend is here and time for Tom's fun meme The Weekend Roundup, this week featuring the letter 'G' which begins this week's post...

I begin with my Grandparents, Ralph and Agnes Villers. To the left, they are at their 50th anniversary service on August 21, 1976 at St. Peter's Church in Steubenville, Ohio. The entire family went to this wonderful event. To the right, I believe this to be their wedding day in 1926. Can't be totally sure, but they do look happy :)
On the next day (Aug. 22, 1976) of that fun weekend, we also see Grandchildren, my Dad and Aunt Terry (their children), their spouses and 12 grandkids. Here is by the pool at the Steubenville Holiday Inn. I'm in the back row, third from the right.
Then there is Glassware on display at Country Cottage in Seymour, CT. They sell an eclectic array of home decor, estate jewelry, seasonal items, and more.
Favorite. I love this photo that the always lovely Patti. This view of Pickett’s Pond at Osbornedale State Park in Derby CT. I know it's Winter, but this may be illusory. Look closely, you might even think it’s summer instead. I see an azure sea with gentle whitecaps breaking at the shore. And I see the horizon with fair weather clouds above a calm sea. What do you see?  
Finally, there is Green. More specifically, the New Haven CT Green on a Spring day a few years ago. I'm looking forward to green leaves (and warm temps) in a couple of months!

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