Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Hunt 2017.2.24

It is a cold Friday in CT and my outdoor activities have been limited, so indoors is the place to be for Teresa's fun meme Friday Hunt. Onward to the prompts... 

Starts with 'X'. I don't have any pics that start with 'X'. However, when filing all pics from Christmas, I include in the filename the word 'Xmas' and the year for easier sorting. Since 'Xmas' is a common abbreviation for the holiday, I'll take the liberty of using this for the letter. These are from, I believe, 1946 and they are my wonderful Aunt Terry and Grandma (Agnes) during that season. The photo file names are captioned.
File: 1946_Xmas-01.jpg
File: 1946_Xmas-02.jpg
File: 1946_Xmas-03.jpg
Craft. Our friend Rich is an artist (in any medium) including watercolors. He holds a number of watercolor classes at local libraries for free or nominal prices. This was at the Derby CT Public Library, and he is a great teacher for those who want to try watercolors.    And Patti tried her hand at watercolors in one of his classes, the subject cardinals. 

Change. It is amazing the change from potted pepper plants in our yard to these yummy (and hot) peppers harvested in August. This was a very tasty change indeed! Also these pics look so nice in and far warmer than today!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Hunt 2017.2.23

Friday arrives the day before our first nuisance snowfall in Southern New England, so it is a perfect time to participate in teresa's great meme, Friday Hunt. This week's prompts offer a challenge, which is why it is so fun. So onward we go...

Starts with 'W'. The first is Wine, these from the Savino Vineyards in Woodbridge, CT. It is less than 2 miles (3.2 kM) from home. The wine was nice, too when we visited the lovely vineyards and winery.
Then there is White, the color of snow. Never fear though, this pic was taken on 1 Feb. 2011. There were so many big snowfalls that winter, and more than one roof collapsed in town. Since there was an ice storm the next day, and not wanting a roof failure, we hired someone to shovel the roof. This was our patio when the job was complete.
Weightlifting. This old print was taken be me at the weightlifting venue at the 1984 summer Olympics in Los Angeles. The faded colors impacted the image, but not my memories: when the weights hit the floor after the lift, you felt it in your seat. 
Dense. The foliage growing on the Savin Rock in West Haven CT is quite dense indeed. 
Texture. I think my sister's cat Jake is a fine example of a soft and furry texture!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday - Ornamental

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 arrives the day after the small town of Ansonia (19,000) Christmas/Holiday tree lighting. We don't often think of shadows in the dark, but the ambient nighttime lighting in Veterans Park next to city hall - however, the always lovely Patti captured shadows emanating from the inflatable ornaments on the ground. Never say 'never' when searching for shadows!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Hunt 2017.2.22

It is the first Friday of December - shorter and colder days perhaps, but like every Friday, time for the great meme, Friday Hunt, kindly hosted by Teresa. Onward to the prompts...

Starts with 'V'. That one is easy! My last name is Villers, the family and I owned Volkswagens and the Villers family went on Vacations in the distant past, so the vacations in today's post are today are Vintage.
A Vintage Villers Vacation in 1961 in the briny Atlantic low tide in Brigantine, New Jersey. Only five children watched over by Aunt Terry.
In Atlantic City, 1965. A great Vacation, and notice how mom picked matching plaid for the girls - and coordinating plaid for my shorts!
Here is an early slideshow of the 1965 vacation in Atlantic City
My brother at age 4 by the family 1964 VW Beetle. Our family also owned a 1968 VW Type 2 Microbus. Cool kid in '69, he's the sibling who lives in Utah.
This was my favorite vehicle, a 1982 VW Rabbit L, manual transmission and A/C, basic. But it was reliable and fun. I only sold it because we both owned 2-door VW's with a baby on the way and the older one had to leave the nest...
Festive. This was from a surprise 60th birthday party at our home in 1991. I think the Garfield balloon and streamers gifts give a festive air the day after.

Wood. Our kitchen was renovated awhile back. The cabinets and trim were made of wood. I think :)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Giving

The art of giving is shown best when we consider those in need. Here is the Thanksgiving food distribution at St. Vincent de Paul in Derby CT. To help those in need with the making of a fine meal is important. Giving without recompense is the ideal...See more WW at NC Sue!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy Son

This week in the US included Thanksgiving Thursday. Coincidentally, Thanksgiving is the birthday of our son Cameron. Thus for Shadow Shot Sunday 2 this week, I looked for (and found) a few shadowy pics to use as a thankful retrospective of a great kid - always!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday Hunt 2017.2.21

It is the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S., which means it is the day for a favored meme, Friday Hunt hosted by Teresa. On to the prompts!

Starts with 'U'. Here is my brother Christopher's home, the 45th state admitted to the Union. Upon retiring from the USAF at Hill AFB, he and his family settled in suburban Salt Lake City. My niece was a Utah State Ute, hence the flag. It seems like a wonderful place to live. If one likes cold an snow that is...
My brother sent me this Utah pic a few years ago. At one of their favorite ski places, Snowbasin, they saw a para-ski instructor who posed for him. How cool, a single ski device for someone who cannot stand. Not that I have tried it...but who knows someday?
Collage. I took a wheelchair height photo of a 1936 Dodge awhile back - sitting low, I tend to see things a bit differently - and the wide whitewall and chrome hubcap is so retro stylish! I made a few other edits to make a collage of cool style...
“I ate this” I didn't eat the whole pie - really! This is a fabulous white pie at a local pizzeria, made of Mozzarella and Romano, escarole, white beans and (lots of) garlic. Great eating - and your brownies not only look divine, but would be a perfect ending to this meal!