Monday, October 16, 2017

Ruby Tuesday Too - Grand Reopening

Ruby Tuesday Too highlights one of our favorite colors, Red. Last Friday in Ansonia, a great Ansonia lighting store, Valley Lighting and Home Decor. after a renovation. Outside and in, there is plenty of red - and this makes us want to replace many a light fixture in our home...and this looks like the place! We featured  it today in our Valley-Voice newsletter. Red is as red does!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday - Urban Bucolic

For this week's Shadow Shot Sunday 2, I look at our neighbor to the north, Seymour CT. The lower Naugatuck Valley has been very industrial, but you'd never know it in On top, we see the river looking east from Derby Avenue; below from the Broad Street Bridge. I chose bucolic as that is how it feels - if we don't look too hard, the urban disappears completely...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Hunt 2017.2.15

The seasonal weather is changing, but not the fun Friday meme Friday Hunt, hosted by Teresa.

Starts with ‘O’. I have a few and some could be linked to a city or town too. The first is Ohio, and in this shot, probably taken in 1977 is Grandpa holding two license plates from 1937 (40th year?), his Ohio license tag and I believe his Ohio radio license. Grandpa was 75 in 1977 who lived in the city of Steubenville, Ohio…
Then there is Omaha, Nebraska. First, my sister Michele in 1964 (age 10) who with my grandparents visited My Aunt Terry in the Missouri River city.
Another Omaha shot was taken by me in 1983 visiting my sister who was in the USAF (SAC HDQ., Offutt AFB). Unknown to me, two houses away was a park at President Gerald Ford’s birthplace. Just a little neighborhood park that was a great find...
Purple. Two with a purple hue (to my mind at least :). First pic was taken at the Jones Family Farm Winery in Shelton CT. Nice lavender flowers.
This one was taken on our patio this summer. I can’t explain it, the the wine bottle in the late afternoon is a pic Patti and I love - perhaps it was a warm but not humid day with a tasty grilled meat and red wine just relaxing on a great day. The label on the bottle looks purple. Nice prompts this week!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Urban Sunset

We live in shall town Ansonia CT, much of it old (the newest downtown building on Main St.was built in 1989). However, the old rooflines, chimneys and utility poles nicely accent the brilliant autumnal sunset on Saturday.See more WW at NC Sue!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday - Local

Vendors at the Ansonia Harvest Festival last Saturday. 
Bell at First Baptist Church, Ansonia
Geese having a conversation on the Housatonic River, Derby
The start of last week's 5K for The  Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital, Derby

It has been a busy week with the Ansonia Harvest Festival last Saturday and work in the way. But now I am back for the fun meme Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Today, I am staying local and looking for shadows and finding a few. We can find many a shadow in nearby environs - we merely have to take a peek...

Friday Hunt 2017.2.14

After a busy week, it is good to be back ate Teresa's fun meme, Friday Hunt. I am follow the prompts so now I am ready :) Some may have been used in other memes, but fits today's meme themes nicely :)

Starts with 'N'. First is Northern Boulevard in the borough of Queens in the City of New York
 Of course, there is Nikon...
Finally, there is the Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center. For an small city, this is a gem, a community place of animals, playground, woods and soccer fields only five minutes from home.
Sky. Patti captured this wonderful sky view on Wednesday. The cross is a wonderful feature of this sky scene.
Silhouette. This would be me in 1999 with my silhouette from the bridge of my nose to my chin. It's great to be back this week!

Monday, September 25, 2017

RubyTuesday Too - Harvest House

It is time again for RubyTuesday Too - a celebration of red. Today, I feature Harvest House VII in Shelton CT. Here, last Thursday, a 'house' is built with shelves for thousands of food donations...on Friday, the local food pantries bring the donations to heir homes and the 'house' is then deconstructed. 

Lots of volunteers that ensure the shelves are filled and emptied in less than 24 hours. Alas there is a need to mitigate hunger in the Lower Naugatuck Valley - and Harvest House helps to draw awareness to hunger issues that show no sign of going away...